Design Challenge

'A BETTER FUTURE' Design Challenge

A contribution to enhance the lives of the society by innovation and creativity.

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Getting Started

Providing a focused platform in delivering innovative nature-based creatives to the community has always been Sprink's main objective. We are now introducing a monthly based design challenge, where anyone can participate in this challenge as innovation has no limitations! All it takes is a willingness to make a difference when it comes to innovation and some patience.

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Our Goal

With this challenge, we are aiming to use a different approach to motivate the community to get inspired by the usefulness and ideas of nature resources through a creative lens besides raising the public's awareness and attention on how inspiring nature can be at times besides advertising our company to the public.

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Design Brief

We believe that designs are not produced only for the aesthetics, but also the functionality and innovation thoughts behind it. We believe that designs can influence the society in an impactful way. With the challenge's topic-' A Better Future' posted in our social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, participants are encouraged to create a nature-inspired innovation with their ideas presented in any sorts of art form (sketches/ digital) based on our featured categories such as bio-mimicry, product and fashion design, architecture, etc. The main purpose of having these ideas is to combat any sort of challenges or struggles faced in Africa with 'poverty' as the focus.

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What Are We Looking For?

The 'A Better Future Design Challenge' calls for design concepts addressing any aspects of improving the poverty conditions in Africa. We know that the sector of economy might be a complex problem, but this diversity means that there are just as many solutions out there waiting to be discovered. Creativity has no boundaries, so embrace your ideas, talents and make them happen, with the goal at heart to help those in need. Successful participation will define a concrete, well presented work for their designs. Any works which plagiarism is detected would be forfeited to participate in this challenge. We are especially interested in projects that go beyond familiar approaches by identifying unique ways to use nature resources in creatives and clearly demonstrating how these resources can lead to new, novel, or more effective solutions.

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Why Nature-Inspired?

Nature is the best model we have for a sustainable, regenerative way of life. For humans to persist and thrive on a healthy planet, our systems must work in concert with nature’s systems. Hence, we believe that nature provides boundless inspiration and ideas in the design field.

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Info and Deadlines

Anyone are eligible to participate in this challenge.
Post your creations on our social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #ABF2018 before the last week of every month for us to pick the best ideas as the monthly winner.
Submission Deadline:
Last Fridays of every month before 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7).

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Judging Criteria

All entries will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
Creativity and Originality: 30%
How novel is the innovation? Does your work show unique approaches?
Context and Relevance: 20%
How well do you define your work in relevance of the challenge’s context?
How well do you understand the context, design criteria, and constraints of the challenge you decided to work on?
Feasibility: 20%
Does your design concept represent a promising technology and/or solution?
Communication and Presentation: 30%
Does your submission provide a clear overall description of the work?
Do your submission materials describe/communicate well your proposed design concept?
Is your design informative through a visual aspect?

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The most creative idea and design will not only be featured on to our social media platforms and magazine web, but we will be giving out a year of free subscription of our working partner, National Geographic's magazine. Not only that, the winner will get a tote bag with a signature from our special guest (to be announced every first week of the month) as a gift of appreciation.


Share this to your friends and family and get started designing!