Nature is the New Trend

‘Trends and futures’ has always been a topic that is constantly being discussed as it keeps changing. Old fashion trends have been brought back to the society and now being the top trends. Although the world is constantly improving and moving forward, humans are not realizing that we are constantly going back to the roots of where things start to branch out.

Mila, a designer, currently pursuing her PhD in Design Innovations, says that the philosophy of human behaviour would result in a cycle, going back to using traditional elements to move forward. That being said, nature is a big factor of influencing the designs in the future community.

An interview with an interior design student, Celysan, currently studying in a university in London, shares her reasons of why her enjoys designing her works around the idea of nature.

“I find nature to be easily accessible since it is all around us, it’s the main source of inspiration for me.”

She hopes that her works are able to intrigue her audiences and make them question the value of nature and how vast it can be.

“I think nature has its unique side of its own. The beauty of it is the organic but also unpredictable and tangible side of it because even though there are boundless patterns and flows in nature, it can be quite unique in form.”

Celysan particularly enjoys the works of Kengo Kumar and Tord Boontje as they effectively show the powerful tranquil and soothing effect given by nature when applied to design works.


Photography by: Chibitomu

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