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An interview was held with Ch’ae Sang-Hoon, an environmentalist which shows his enthusiasm in learning about the different approaches nature has been gifted to the human and society. He mentioned there are many ways to use nature in daily designs to make people feel closer to nature and the biological community.

Feeling nature:

Often, people might think that nature inspired designs are usually presented visually. However, textures such as stone, wood, sand, water and grass stimulate biophilic responses, attracting human to touch and explore more effectively. This might be a good element to consider when thinking of materials to design onsite hubs, lounges and exhibit booths.

Patterns of nature:

How often have you find the swirls, curls and organic lines on nature resources extraordinary that you could stare at it for hours? Be it the seashells, rings on a tree, the irregular lines on rocks, the patterns of nature rarely take straight edges and 90-degree corners. Curved pathways, circular lounge spaces and wave-like backdrops align with patterns found in nature, so consider them as an inspiration for staging and exhibit designs. Draped fabric that can billow and move can provide contrasts of light and shadow and lend an airy and creative feel to your space. An example of this is the wooden walls at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Hearing nature:

As it might be tough to ‘hear’ nature in a busy and bustling environment, nature does not only come in the form of itself, it can be found through audio. Selecting a location that is a quiet as possible, and perhaps includes headsets with natural sounds of running water, ocean waves or bird song. A busy city also highlights the real opportunity of the relationship between human and nature: provision of a respite area where attendees can find something lacking at most events – peace and quiet. This perhaps could be in the form of a sponsored “zen” lounge, meditation space or personal recharge room.

Indigenous elements of (human) nature:

An aspect of nature-based design stresses connection with things indigenous to the land, including its people. Adding native elements to designs can be a well-built way to ground audiences to not only in the place they are in, but the people who live there.

Rhythms of nature:

Without being subconscious about events and environments, there is nothing that blinds the senses to a day passing quite like spending it in a windowless exhibit hall. This is however, the reality for most tradeshows. Think about how indoor lighting and digital signs can be adapted to help convey the passing of the day. Perhaps by imagining the fascinating moving from dawn to dusk through a series of transitioning colours and angles. This again highlights the opportunity to create places of refuge at your event where participants can seek some respite.


Photography by: Talizf

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