JD.Lee’s sustainable furniture was born in 2015 out of Jeremy’s passion to create, his love for timber, and his belief in supporting the environment to create a sustainable future for his small family. Living on the beaches Jeremy’s appreciation for a balanced lifestyle has always driven him to follow his passion and always try his best by creating sustainable furniture.

After completing his studies in Industrial Design Jeremy went on to start an apprenticeship as a furniture maker where he developed his skills in traditional joinery and craftsmanship. . Having experience in both the industrial design and manufacturing industries Jeremy identified the need for a holistic approach to furniture design, where a real understanding of the manufacturing process is necessary.


Today, he is both the designer and the maker at JD.Lee Furniture. Sustainable design and manufacturing are at the forefront of this furniture practice. He focuses on using natural materials and empowering the local community by sourcing these sustain-ably and ethically. JD.Lee Furniture offer a range of preset designs view-able on their website, as well as a custom furniture design service.


Photography & Article by: Thelocalproject

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