Whale Power

For millions of years, whales have propelled themselves through heavy water despite their bulk and weight – thanks to a finely honed design that couldn’t be more perfect if all the world’s most talented engineers spent their lives trying to outdo it. Biology professor Dr. Frank Fish noticed that the little bumps on the flippers of a humpback whale served an important purpose, increasing their aerodynamic efficiency. Along with Stephen Dewar, Fish co-founded WhalePower, a company turning this discovery into innovative solutions for things like airplanes, submarines and wind turbines. Their most tangible accomplishment thus far is a highly efficient ceiling fan.

WhalePower Tubercle Technology offers retrofitted blades for wind turbines that increase efficiency and performance while reducing noise. Inspired by the flippers of humpback whales, the design addresses the fundamental limitations of conventional aerodynamic performance such as instability of supply and power generation as a result of poor wind. These “tubercles” keep air attached to the blades, preventing it from falling off the tips. This flow management increases lift while greatly reducing stall and noise.

Photography & Article by: Designtoimprovelifeeducation

Article by: Momtastic


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