Table Mimics the Layered Depth of the Ocean Floor

Romanian designer Eduard Locota has just released a unique furniture piece that makes one feel as though they are being drawn into the depths of the ocean. The distinctly unconventional item is aptly titled delMare (or From the Sea) and comes imbued with the same hypnotic qualities as the shimmering aquatic. Emulating the shade variation and stunning hues of the oceanic abyss, delMare is revealed as a stand-apart home fixture.

As Locota explains in an email to us, he has focused on “building interest points from all angles, and on all three axes” in order to create a table that looks completely different from each direction that one views it. Engineered with an innovative three-footed design, the delMare table is a striking centerpiece with an appealing aesthetic, unusual shape, and stable base design provided by a low center of gravity. Made from white marble and blue-green acrylic glass, the piece has greater strength and less distortion than the average glass coffee table.


Photography & Article by: Mymodernmet

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