Lotus Temple: New Delhi

Bahai Home of Worship, popularly referred to as the Lotus Temple is an all faith home of worship situated in Delhi. It can be one of essentially the most futuristic houses of worship inside the world. Bahai temple is shaped inside the type of a lotus, and has one innumerable awards and recognition from the architecture world. The temple is related with the Bahai Faith.

 The shape resembles a blooming lotus that has its leaves surrounding it. It can be so magical that it appears to be floating in water. There are actually nine pools that represent the floating leaves of the lotus have landscaped walkways surrounding them. There are actually stairs and bridges too.

Delhi is famous for Lotus temple. The temple was constructed by inside the shape of a lotus, the national flower of India. So it can be also referred to as Lotus Temple. The Lotus temple is also referred to as the Bahai Home of Worship or the Bahai temple. The name lotus is derived on account of its flower like shape. The Lotus temple or the Bahai temple is among the significant attraction points in Delhi.

Photograph and Article by: Spirittourism


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